social life is overrated


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released July 27, 2011



all rights reserved


TIME OF MY LIFE Prešovský kraj, Slovakia

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Track Name: time of my life - psychosis blues
all my life, i was pretty sane
till one day my condition changed
i found out, that I’m pretty fucked
nothing makes sense anymore, i ran out of luck, i’m absolutely stuck
i finally realized that i really suck
the question being pretty simple, do i give a fuck?

the worst thing is i do
and so, so do you

i really hate all social interaction
but my self-esteem is determined by your actions
i seek approval from those that i hate
my Freudian nightmare doesn’t seem to end
or am i so shallow, i don’t even see
that it doesn’t matter what you think of me
but i do care, i’m pretty insecure
need someone to tell me that I’m cool

i don’t want be a slave of my mind
Track Name: social life is overrated
this is the night
it’s the night I’m gonna feel all right
this is the night
it’s the night, all right

don’t wanna spend it drinking and dancing
i wanna sit home and do some reading
maybe have a quiet evening
sit around and do some thinking

social life is over rated, people make me frustrated
everyone's just demonstrating, that their prepared for mating

going out is not so funny
when everyone is after your money
when you meet all those stupid dummies
all they want is your stupid money

i don’t want go to work parties
spend some more time with my colleagues
i don’t want to go grab a beer
i don’t want to be nowhere near
you, when I’m not paid to
i don’t want to socialize
just ‘couse you say that’s the nice
thing to do, no i don’t like you
and i think, and you gonna hate it
that social life is overrated

it’s so fuckin’ over rated, you’re so overrated
Track Name: scared stupid
so yeah I’m pretty scared
all the time and everywhere
and people say I’m paranoid,
is if it was my own fault

but it’s not, I know my self
I’m scared of everyone else
I’m scared couse they’re fucking stupid
and they don’t even like good music

scared stupid, were all scared stupid

I’m scared couse no one reads
no one wants to know new things
oppression masked as tradition
and they all like simple solutions

and I know we are all scared
scared of death and scared of pain
so we like to throw the blame
on anyone who is not the same

but pointing fingers ain’t the answer
never was, we have examples
but no one seems to learn their lesson
‘couse being scared is so easy
Track Name: i quit
as i walk up the stairs, there’s a lot in on my mind
should i end it right now , will i ever feel fine?
the pressures building up and i feel uncomfortably tense,
the days seem to be dark, not a bit comfortable
i see the faces, and i see mine,
the tension's growing bigger, proportionate to time
as i see a window, and the bright blue sky
a simple little voice in me knows i wanna die and says jump,
jump jump jump
why not the 6th floor, it perfectly fine

jump, do it right now

the hell with all life, i wanna die, end this madness let my lie in peace

as i step down from the window sill,
i take a deep breath my head spins
did i just do that?, was it really me?
do i wanna die, what’s wrong with me?
but I’m okay, its the world that sucks,
the only conclusion is to jump and die
my childhood, my teens, all my adult life
is filled with pain, filled with lies and i quit
Track Name: keepin' it weird
keepin’ it weird
this is my weird life
and it’s all my fault

I hate this world more than i hate myself
society is one big ugly cancer cell
i hate all those little compromises
i make withe myself on daily basis

it really sucks, it really stinks
but all those fucking fucked up things
drive me crazy, drive me mad
i feel only sorrow, I’m always said
and i hate it.
Track Name: self-pleasure is good for you
i guess i smoke weed to much
but it also has a posi touch
each day and every day
for me is a brand new day

i just can’t remember shit
so every morning i take a hit
from reality right into my brain
and have to take some time to explain
to my brain how world works

that this is a hand and this is my dick
and when you put hand on the dick
and start pulling really quick
you can make your brain explode
and you don’t need no other toy

i just can’t remember shit
so every morning i take a hit
from reality right into my brain
and have to take some time to explain
to my brain how world works

so I’m a simple man of simple needs
like a monkey in a iron bar cage,
all do is masturbate
hoping ill escape one day
Track Name: existentialism for dummies
in conclusion, it’s all an illusion, illusion of meaning in an brief moment of being,

but at the same time it’s a great moment of self-awareness, if you can ignore all the fucking madness,

when sky is blue and the sun shines bright, you can see a glimmer of hope a glimmer of light

in an otherwise bleak prospect of future and even darker records of our sad history

history is full of death and suffering
present is full of death and suffering
the future will be full of death and suffering

and if you think about it for too long, you won’t have any compassion left for us all.
Track Name: the band, the life
this is what we got, we ain’t gonna stop
we don’t care about the odds, we just wanna rock

we wanna rock all the way from deserts of the holy land
to the green deep mystic woods of the czech neighborhoods
but all the time everywhere , things turn weird pretty soon
it’s like a never-ending silent film, we are awake, we all have the same mad grin

no! nothings gonna stop us, no volcanoes, no coppers

this is what we got, we ain’t gonna stop
we don’t care about the odds, we just wanna rock

there is no time to complain, we play again, we feel alive
and we meet friends, we have fun, it’s the best thing in my life
and my smelly feet and my smelly clothes don’t mater at all.
Track Name: u nás doma
Ulicami tiahne jednoduché riešenie,
Ako vždy má riešenie kanady vyleštené,
Jednoduché riešenie pre jednoduchých ľudí
Jednoducho geniálne, veď prostý chlapci z ľudu

Veď sú taký ako my, zdravý mocný lakomý.

To ste všetci takí malí, že by ste vojnu nepamätali,
Ani o nej nečítali, v škole vás nič nevyučovali?
Či aj vám babky rozprávali, to jak pán Sokol spomínali, že slováci sa fajne mali, bo susedov nemcom dali
To dáte na také lacné triky? Chamtivosť na znak pýchy. Nažrať sa a ostatných jebať, a cigánov a židov nepustia do neba.
Ani vy tam nepôjdete , darmo Tisa oslavujete, bo sami nie ste o nič lepší, banda ovcí bez hrdosť.
Hrdosť neni kričať „slovák“, hrdosť je byť sám za seba, nezvaľovať furt na iných chyby vlastnej kokotnosti.

Veď sú taký ako my, zdravý mocný lakomý.

Naparovať sa od zlosti, páchať hnusne ukrutnosti,
Oháňať sa starým Hlinkom...jaaaaj....